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NEWS Last modified on November 17, 2014

Brisbane West Wellcamp handles inaugural flight

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport has successfully been cutover into live operations with the terminal opening today at 8.30am with the first flight arriving from Sydney at 8.40am before a flight departed the other way.

Brisbane headquartered Intersystems have worked with the gateway to deliver their innovative rapidsuite6, including rapidfids, a world-class Flight Information Display System (FIDS) featuring integrated media delivered by rapidengage, the airport's advertising and content management system.

Working over the long-weekend, the Intersystems team were there to ensure that everything went smoothly during the cutover into live operations.

Richard Allen, Intersystems services manager, Asia Pacific, says: "We're pleased that all the planning and preparations we've put in place have meant that we not only delivered the system to schedule, but that the cutover into live operation happened without issue - it's great to see a plan come together."

Working to continually push the boundaries of what airports can achieve with both their FIDS and digital signage the Intersystems combination of rapidfids and rapidengage deliver a clever combination of flight information and content throughout the airport in a way that enhances the passenger experience.

CEO, Bruce Allen, comments: "Wellcamp Airport have the latest version of our sophisticated rapidfids system you'll find at many of the worlds premiere and largest airports around the world - they've taken the view that the suppliers and systems chosen should not just support today's modest beginning operation but more importantly the future capacity they will no doubt achieve.

“These are very serious people with a clear vision and understanding of what this airport can mean to the community it supports and ultimately the generational family business they are rightly so proud of."

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