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NEWS Last modified on November 17, 2014

Copenhagen to expand Terminal 2 and Pier C

Copenhagen Airport is continuing its journey towards a gateway of the future with the capacity to handle 40 million passengers by detailing expansion projects.

The Danish gateway is investing €17.4 million in an upgrade and expansion of Terminal 2 by an additional 700 square metres and two extra security lanes, with both projects set to be ready for next year's busy summer season.

Passengers at Copenhagen will be getting more space in Terminal 2 and at security as builders recently started putting up the first walls to screen off the sites and prepare for the two projects.

Moreover, the work to expand Pier C, is well under way, and that project, which is worth €34 million will be ready with new lounges and three gates with passenger bridges by the end of 2015.

Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports, explains: “The three building projects are in line with our "Expanding CPH" strategy of a phased expansion of the airport in the course of the next two to three decades, enabling us to handle 40 million passengers per year.

“Given the 7.1% year-to-date growth in passenger numbers, there is every indication that the 2014 full year figure will pass the 25 million mark for the first time.

"We need to create space for that success before next year's busy summer season.”

The merger of domestic and international traffic next year will create a need for a bit more space at the central security checkpoint, and initially, two lanes will be added to the existing 16 lanes, increasing capacity by more than 10%.


Woldbye adds: “The two new lanes will be ready in April 2015, well in advance of the busy summer season. Moreover, CPH is currently hiring additional security screening staff. This will ensure that we are ready for yet another busy summer in 2015.”

An additional expansion of the security checkpoint is on the drawing board, which will provide even more space for passengers by adding another four lanes to the facility.

In December, screen walls will also be installed at the west end of Terminal 2: “We are going to create a more spacious terminal and will expand it by an additional 700 square metres.

“We will also upgrade the offering of food and beverages as well as other facilities for passengers. For example, we are going to install a number of charging stations for mobile phones, tablets and laptops," explains Woldbye.

The ground floor of the terminal, where passengers spend most of their time when at the airport, will be ready for the summer period, whereas the offices on the first and second floors will be ready sometime during the autumn.

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