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NEWS Last modified on November 19, 2014

Calgary to welcome new facilities in its Global Logistics Parks

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is to welcome two new state-of-the art facilities as part of a new development opportunity in its Global Logistics Parks.

Developed by Bandera Ventures, the two buildings will add over 220,000 square feet of available warehouse space at YYC, and both were completed in early November and are part of the Phase 1 development plans, which aim to connect commercial, airside and global logistics businesses.

These facilities will attract logistics and distribution companies looking for an opportunity to operate out of one of Canada’s busiest and fastest-growing cargo hubs.

The multi-tenant buildings feature 24-foot clear height ceilings with minimum bay sizes of 6,500 square feet, along with loading docks and drive-in ramps.

Stephan Poirier, senior vice president and chief commercial officer for the Calgary Airport Authority, says: “This development is another critical component of the strategy that YYC adopted in 2001.

“Through a combination of on-airport multimodal facilities and direct connections to both Europe and Asia, industry throughout Canada is able to connect cargo seamlessly through YYC’s robust network.”

Initially home to 332,000 square feet of warehouse space, YYC now boasts over three million square feet which includes a mix of warehouse, logistics, distribution, fixed base operators and other airport related business.

With more warehouse space than any other international airport in the country, a number of airfreight, logistics and distribution companies are looking to take advantage of connections to the world.

Additionally, the close proximity to major transportation routes ensures that goods coming into Alberta can easily be distributed throughout the region, and the location allows distributors to reach over 50 million people within a day’s drive.

As a key economic driver for Western Canada, YYC will continue to develop its Global Logistics Parks for the benefit of businesses throughout the region, and generates billions in economic activity and is responsible for creating over 48,000 jobs.

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