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NEWS Last modified on November 20, 2014

LS travel retail pilots new duty free store at Marseille Provence

LS travel retail has launched and started piloting its new next generation duty free concept store in the MP2 Terminal at Marseille Provence Airport in France.

The company says Aelia Duty Free is based on travellers, landlords and brands expectations, and consumer wise, the objective is to create a “memorable duty free experience”.

The statement and signature of this new concept store is the brand identity of ‘The art of the Gift’, and LS travel retail explains it relies on the four strategic pillars of facilitation; care; here and nowhere else; and the art of the gift.

LS travel retail says shopping at Aelia Duty Free must be “memorable” and the “experience unique” for customers.


For the pilot store of Marseille, the focus is put on La Provence, achieved notably with the brand L'Occitane, part of the collaborative approach of this project with the creation for LS Travel Retail of a unique area inspired by ‘Le Vieux Port of Marseille’ (Old Port of Marseille) with iconic furniture recreating a typical fishing boat.

The travel retailer explains these pillars are revealed through a more performing offer focused notably on the impulse offer.

This offer strategy relies on a collaborative and innovative approach with brand partners, leaders of each key market in duty free (perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco and confectionery).

The launch of this retail concept is connected with new digital features including a website, in store tablets, and ibeacons – for the first time in an airport, where promotional messages are sent to entice people to enter the store.


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