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NEWS Last modified on November 20, 2014

London City celebrates record passenger figures

Business travel is flying high once again at London City Airport, which has reported it had its busiest ever week last week.

A total of 84,758 passengers travelled through the gateway during week commencing November 9 – a 27% increase on the same period last year and a 5.5% increase on the previous record, set in July 2013.

Thursday November 13 was the busiest day ever at London City, with 15,899 passengers flying through – 1.3% higher than the previous record set on Friday May 23 2013.

With more than 60% of passengers travelling on business, the numbers the gateways says indicate the return to strength of the business travel market, with workers from Canary Wharf and the City taking to the skies to do deals face-to-face across Europe.

Declan Collier, CEO at London City Airport, says: “The signs are very encouraging. Employers are growing in confidence, releasing travel budgets, and airlines are growing in confidence, adding new routes and increasing frequencies to offer customers more choice.

"Just last month, Flybe launched services out of London City, boosting connectivity to the UK regions in a move that was welcomed by the Government and illustrating the increasing appetite for airlines to pursue business travellers.

"Meanwhile, our largest airline partner British Airways is continuing to fill its planes with more and more passengers and expanding its offering to meet demand.

“It is now more important than ever that we are allowed to grow. Our current infrastructure is constrained and with demand continuing to increase, we must develop that infrastructure to continue to offer the convenience, speed and customer experience that we pride ourselves on and for which people choose to travel from LCY, in turn supporting more than 2,000 jobs on campus and driving investment in the Royal Docks and wider East London area.”

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