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NEWS Last modified on November 21, 2014

Giant inflatable aircraft hangar installed at Budapest

The unusual sight of a giant inflatable aircraft hangar, which allows indoor parking of an A320 or Boeing 737 can be seen at Budapest Airport.

Lufthansa Technik Budapest has installed the innovative solution that has been put up as the firm has received so many orders for the winter period, and also means engineers no longer have to worry about freezing winter weather.

Their existing hangar capacity accommodating up to five mid-size aircraft simultaneously proved insufficient, so Budapest Airport and Lufthansa Technik made a joint decision to build the temporary inflatable hangar, which is the first at an airport in Europe.

Produced by Buildair of Spain, one is already operated at Getafe Air Base, where Airbus’ division in assembling military transport and tanker planes is based.

The floor-space of the facility reaches 4000 square metres, and expected to be operated for six months, but for as long as weather conditions make it necessary.

Dietmar Focke, CEO of Lufthansa Technik Budapest, explains: “The Budapest base of Lufthansa Technik is receiving more and more orders, we perform annual maintenance and/or 30-day overhauls for an increasing number of airlines.


“In aviation, the winter period is traditionally the peak season for repair and maintenance and we can only meet the increased demand with this extraordinary solution in the winter of 2014/2015.”

The inflatable hangar operates on the basis of the same principle as inflatable covers for tennis courts or swimming pools.

René Droese, property director, Budapest Airport, says: “I am happy to see that our long-term co-operation with Lufthansa Technik has reached a new stage. Last year we handed over a 2000 square metre spare-parts warehouse, this year’s novelty is the inflatable hangar.

“Our next project in the aviation MRO-business is the construction of a dedicated Wizz Air maintenance hangar. Budapest Airport is ready to support the operation and success of its long-term airport partners with sustainable investments.”

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