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NEWS Last modified on November 21, 2014

New art exhibition goes on display at Denver

Denver International Airport (DIA) is exhibiting a temporary art display of photographs taken over the past “45 years in Colorado” by local snapper Barbara Gal.

Various sites of Colorado are represented including Denver International Airport, skyscrapers in Denver, Peru Creek Mines, RTD’s west rail line, Denver’s Civic Center and more.

The exhibition is located in the Community Case Gallery on the southeast end of Level 5 in the Jeppesen Terminal, near the baggage claim area, and it opened on Saturday, November 15, and runs through until May 2015.

Denver's art and culture programme manager, Chris Stevens, explains: "Travellers will see the past and present of many Colorado landmarks as photographed by Gal.

"These photos are very interesting because some document places that no longer exist, have changed beyond recognition or have stayed the same over time."

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