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NEWS Last modified on November 24, 2014

Sydney expands airport ambassador programme

Sydney Airport has expanded its airport ambassador programme and have unveiled a fresh new look to the initiative.

Also part of the new launch is each ambassador is being given an iPad mini, to help them assist passengers with up-to-date airport and flight information, and will start wearing a new blue uniform from November 24.

Since 2012 the programme has also included Mandarin-speaking Red Ambassadors to cater for the growing number of Chinese tourists visiting Sydney.

More than 130 volunteers now work across T1 and T2, who will be joined by an additional 50 Red Ambassadors over the Christmas and Lunar New Year period.

Sydney Airport CEO, Kerrie Mather, says the airport’s ambassadors are the smiling face of the airport and have provided help, assistance and directions to millions since 1999.

Mather continues: “We consulted our ambassadors and the airport community extensively on the new uniforms and decided on blue jackets, which take inspiration from our beautiful harbour, blue skies and beaches and will ensure that they continue to stand out and are easy to find.

“A key focus for the airport is growing tourism for Sydney, NSW and Australia and the assistance that our ambassadors provide to visitors, from helping them fill in departures cards to providing directions for taxis or the train, is an important part of this.

“The ambassador’s iPads are loaded with real-time flight arrival and departures through the Sydney Airport app and language translation apps, which will provide all the information they need to assist passengers at their fingertips.

“Our ambassadors are located throughout the terminals, including at well-marked information desks, and the iPads will enable them to obtain operational updates wherever they are.

“Airports can sometimes be overwhelming places and we thank the ambassadors for their dedication and commitment to the airport and for delivering exemplary customer service to millions of passengers each year.”

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