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NEWS Last modified on November 24, 2014

Wayfinding study to be undertaken at Singapore Changi

Singapore Changi Airport has selected Gresham, Smith and Partners to provide wayfinding and environmental graphic design services.

Terminals 1, 2 and 3, will be evaluated and any existing problems areas will be identified by the firm to develop a systematic approach for creating a more positive wayfinding experience for passengers.

Jim Harding, SEGD, director of environmental graphics, Gresham, Smith and Partners, explains: “The City of Singapore has a great airport that serves as a gateway to such a tremendous city.

“Through this study, we are seeking to support our client’s interest in enhancing the passenger experience and keeping the airport among the highest ranking in the world when it comes to customer satisfaction.

“We’ll look at their unique challenges in order to develop holistic recommendations that helps passengers navigate the large, complex space in order to support Changi’s mission of creating a lasting, positive impression of the airport.

“For example, one such unique challenge is that Changi is the only airport in Singapore, so there are no domestic flights which makes every passenger an international arrival and departure.

"Therefore, the passenger processing and circulation is very different than the majority of other airports around the world, which in turn impacts the airport’s wayfinding system.”

Changi Airport is approximately 10.9 million square-feet and handles around 6,500 flights every week, totaling more than 53 million passengers a year.

GS&P has provided wayfinding and signage services to the new Maynard H. Jackson, Jr International Terminal in Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Denver International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Tampa International Airport and Boston Logan International Airport.

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