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NEWS Last modified on November 24, 2014

Tulsa opens the north end of new Concourse A

Passengers flying from Tulsa International Airport on American Airlines will now enjoy newly renovated facilities with the opening of the north end of Concourse A.

The project is part of a programme to modernise the airport’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that were over 40 years old, and construction of Concourse A began in January with the relocation of Delta Air Lines to Concourse B and the move of American to temporary gates.

The completion of phase 2 allows American to move to their new gates – A5, A7, A9, and provides customers with modernised facilities that will improve their experience.

Customers will now enjoy renovated restrooms, including a newly added family restroom, and new seating with fully integrated power charging stations.

The concourse ceilings were raised and a skylight was added to bring in additional sunlight – a natural mood enhancer that also decreases the airport’s energy consumption.

Airports director, Jeff Mulder, believes the renovated concourse will elevate the overall impression visitors have of Tulsa.

Mulder explains: “The airport terminal provides the first and last opportunity to impact a visitor’s perception of our city. The concourse renovations allow us to greatly enhance our passengers’ experience while improving the operational efficiency of our facility.”

Tulsa-based Flintco is the project manager for the $30.6 million project and will now shift their attention to phase 3 – the renovation of the south end of Concourse A.

Temporary construction walls will go up this week and form a hallway that passengers will pass through to access the concourse, and in addition to new gates, the next phase will include a new business centre and expanded military lounge, while the entire concourse is expected to be complete by next summer.

At that time, Delta and Allegiant will join American on Concourse A, while Southwest and United will continue to operate on Concourse B.

The Concourse Renovation project is funded by passenger facility charges, a $4.50 per ticket fee that is added to every departing ticket sold from Tulsa.

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