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NEWS Last modified on November 27, 2014

Denver grants permit for passenger ride-sharing service

Denver International Airport has developed a new permit that allows ride-sharing services to pick up and drop off passengers at the Colorado gateway.

Lyft is the first company to receive the new permit, which allows drivers to pick up passengers on Level 4 (arrivals) and drop off passengers on Level 6 (departures) of the main terminal.

Denver International Airport CEO, Kim Day, explains: “At Denver International Airport we know that our customers want a variety of transportation options to and from the airport, and the airport is committed to providing choices and innovation.

“Working closely with the mayor’s office and our transportation community, we were able to reach an agreement that will provide additional convenient and safe transportation options, with equitable fees for access to customers.”

Denver is the third major airport in the US to secure a formal operating agreement with Lyft.

Bakari Brock, Lyft's director of business development, says: “Colorado was the first state to authorize Lyft through a legislative process, and Denver International Airport further deepens this commitment to innovation and consumer choice.

“Lyft's community-powered model has set the highest standard of public safety and provides unique opportunities for residents and visitors alike. We thank Denver International Airport for being among the nation's leaders in providing passengers access to innovative transportation choices.”

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