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NEWS Last modified on November 26, 2014

Sheremetyevo extends deadline for Vladivostok deal

JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport (JSC MASH) has postponed the deadline for Vladivostok International Airport (JSC MAV) share offers for the second time.

This has been extended from November 21 to December 12, which it puts down to the numerous requests from buyers to clarify the tender documentation.

Sheremetyevo said its partner InfraONE investment agency received letters of interest for Vladivostok from six companies, including major airport operators and financial investors.

In August, the gateway invited bids to takeover shares it holds in JSC MAV, and CJSC Terminal Vladivostok, as well as the acquisition of rights on loan agreements.

The sale includes 52.16% of the shares of JSC MAV, 74.99% of the shares of CJSC Terminal Vladivostok, and rights on loan agreements provided to JSC MASH by CJSC Terminal Vladivostok.

InfraONE, which previously formulated the Moscow air hub’s development strategy, is organizing and running the bidding procedure.

In 2008, 52.2% of the shares of JSC MASH were transferred to the management of JSC MAV, which acted as the main investor of construction of the new state-of-the-art new terminal.

JSC MAV was reconstructed in 2012 and became one of the major steps towards the preparation of the Territory of Primorye for the APEC CEO Summit 2012.

The gateway can accommodate 1,360 passengers per hour or 3.5 million per year, and in 2013, Vladivostok handled 1.8 million passengers, 14% higher than 2012.

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