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NEWS Last modified on December 1, 2014

Budapest to modernise fleet with new Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Budapest Airport and Mercedes-Benz have signed a long-term partnership agreement that will see vehicles added to the gateway’s fleet of ground transport vehicles.

In accordance with the co-operation between the two companies, all of the new models and vehicles will be fitted with the most modern engines available, thus contributing to Budapest’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Pursuant to the agreement, Budapest will modernize its vehicle fleet with various Mercedes-Benz models, which will be used for several different functions at the airport.

Going forward, the manufacturer will contribute to further increasing service quality in Hungarian aviation by supplying safe, reliable and comfortable vehicles.

Jost Lammers, CEO, Budapest Airport, explains: “We are proud to welcome Mercedes-Benz among our partners here at Budapest Airport.

“Both of our companies work in a highly competitive industry, automotive and aviation, where only commitment to excellence, perfect service to customers and sustainable growth can earn leading market positions.

“We are both committed to these principles. The partnership with Budapest Airport will bring another reliable and long-term customer for Mercedes-Benz in Kecskemét and will result in the creation of further jobs in their Hungarian facility.”

Some of the vehicles will be from the new B-class unveiled in 2014 and produced in Hungary.

The new vehicles will be equipped with the most up-to-date engines and regulator systems available, thereby significantly reducing pollutant emissions and supporting Budapest in its efforts to protect the environment.

In August 2014, Budapest announced that, as a result of various long-term measures, it managed to reduce its environmental impact - its carbon emissions, by 15%.

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