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NEWS Last modified on December 2, 2014

Private sector partner sought for Norman Manley International

The Jamaican government is seeking to short-list private sector partners to operate, finance, develop and maintain Norman Manley International Airport. 

Airports Authority of Jamaica are looking to for an investor as part of a public-private partnership in a long-term concession agreement.

The International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, has been appointed by the GOJ Privatization Agency as lead advisor on the structuring and implementation of the Project.

The Development Bank of Jamaica, the GOJ and PPP Unit are co-advisors and Secretariat for the transaction.

With the objective of short-listing interested investors, the GOJ, IFC and DBJ are launching an invitation for pre-qualification applications from companies or consortia with experience in the airport sector.

This invitation for pre-qualification forms part of the international competitive bidding process, which will be launched at a later date.

The authority says it intends to select the Investor for the project through an open, transparent and competitive international bidding process, in accordance with the Jamaican Law and international best practices with the objective of commercially signing the contract with the winning bidder during 2015.

In response to this invitation for pre-qualification informing interested investors to prequalify for the project, any person wishing to submit a pre-qualification application for the project should request the pre-qualification.

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