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NEWS Last modified on December 2, 2014

Liverpool John Lennon backs Heathrow expansion

Liverpool John Lennon Airport has given its backing to expansion at Heathrow and is now one of five UK airports who have signed up to support what it says is the “best proposal for the country” and has also urged others to follow their lead.

In an open letter to the Airports Commission, due to give its verdict in the summer of 2015, Liverpool along with Aberdeen, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford and Newcastle airports have argued that the so called ‘London Airports debate’ is not just about London but about the aviation industry as a whole.

Liverpool explains that its need is perhaps the greatest since it does not currently have a service to either a UK or European hub airport and last saw a service to Heathrow in 1992.

Regional airports like Liverpool, say they need to access global connectivity to better meet the needs of the regions they serve.

Capacity constraints in the South East have meant that the opportunity for regional airports such as Liverpool to re-establish regular flights to a London hub airport has simply not existed for some time, the airport says.

However the renaissance of the Liverpool city region has meant that the demand for improved global connectivity is greater now than at any point in the past 20 years.

With so many developments and improvements to showcase across the region and more demand for international business and leisure travel, the lack of global connectivity remains and hinders the region’s greater potential for success in an internationally competitive market.

The gateway says demand for a link to a hub airport such as Heathrow is "self-evident" with analysis of the latest CAA passenger survey data showing that in 2013 over 1.1 million passengers from Liverpool's core catchment area, took a connecting flight from and to other UK Airports, not having the opportunity to connect via Liverpool.

It adds an expanded Heathrow would offer the opportunity for UK airports such as Liverpool, "to further grow their networks, something that is crucial for generating growth across the whole county, not just London and the south east".

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