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NEWS Last modified on December 3, 2014

Report data hails economic importance of Miami

Recently released data from Coral Gables-based WorldCity, which analyzes and publishes international trade statistics, has put a bright spotlight on Miami International Airport’s vital role in Florida’s international trade sector.

According to WorldCity’s latest analysis of US Census Bureau data, imports and exports at Miami have accounted for more than 40% of Florida’s international trade business through the third quarter of 2014.

Among the 24 Florida airports and seaports that reported trade data through September, it accounted for 40.55% of state’s 2014 international trade measured in dollars, more than double Florida’s next-busiest trade port.

Importantly, which the airport refers to as the "Gateway of the Americas' has proven to be a consistent leader for the Sunshine State’s import and export sector, driving more than 40% of statewide international trade for each of the past five years.

Miami's trade surplus has also been a bright spot in 2014, with exports exceeding imports by nearly $10 billion, a total that accounts for 63% of the state’s combined trade surplus.

Miami-Dade aviation director, Emilio T. González, explains: "WorldCity’s recent report makes a resounding case for MIA’s importance to both our local and statewide economies.

“These numbers are a clear reminder that Miami is so much more than a leading passenger hub – we’re also America’s number one airport for international freight.”

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