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NEWS Last modified on December 4, 2014

ADP and Accor sign leases to expand hotels at Paris-Orly

Aéroports de Paris (ADP) and Accor have signed construction leases that will see two new hotels and one expanded at Paris-Orly Airport.

The three leases will see the extension of the existing ibis, which will be completed in 2016, and the establishment of an ibis budget Hotel opening in 2016, and a Novotel Hotel in 2017.

The developments will see 360 more hotel rooms available for passengers at Paris-Orly Airport, a capacity increase of 43%, and offer travellers hotel concepts tailored to families and for business customers.

The ibis Orly Airport will see 53 additional rooms construted, while an ibis budget Hotel will see 154 rooms built, providing comfort at a low price for one, two or three people complete with 24-hour accessibility.

A Novotel Hotel with 153 rooms for business and leisure travellers will also be built, including meeting rooms, dedicated children’s areas and fitness rooms.

François Cangardel, real estate director of ADP, says: “The Paris-Orly Airport has become a major business hub the heart of southern Paris region.

“Major upgrades are being that will change the face of the airport by making the more welcoming, thanks to the construction of a building junction between the terminals and South West by 2018.

“In parallel, we started the construction of the first building Heart Orly offices, eco-business district, one of components is the construction of a hotel complex of 35,000 square metres that allows precisely the development of Accor hotels.

“Further that we value our vast land reserves, we significantly increasing the accommodation capacity of theplatform and are responding to growing passenger demand. "

The hotel developments are within the framework of Heart Orly property programme, developed by ADP and will be added to the programme offices and shops already launched in co-investment with the Altarea-Cogedim group and Land Regions.

Heart Orly is a business eco-district and living spaces tertiary situated opposite the airport terminals as part of an economic development of Southern Paris, combining office buildings, shops, hotels and various services.

The first part of the programme is on a plot of 13.5 hectares to build 160,000 square meters of buildings and includes 70,000 square metres of office space, 41,000 square metres of shops and services, and hotel business of 35,000 square metres.

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