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NEWS Last modified on December 4, 2014

Beijing Capital chooses SITA to provide passenger processing technology

Asia’s busiest airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, has chosen SITA to provide its passenger processing technology to manage its more than 80 million travellers.

The award follows the successful 15-year relationship during which SITA supported the airport during the Olympic Games traffic surge in 2008.

In this four-year, multi-million dollar contract, SITA’s common-use technology AirportConnect Open, will enable 700 work stations, more than 1,000 ticket or bag tag printers, nearly 300 scanners, more than 200 counters and 100 boarding gates in Terminal 2 and 3 used by airlines operating at the gateway.

Shi Bo-Li, CEO, Beijing Capital, says: “SITA has been a trusted partner of BCIA for many years.  Using SITA’s technology means that global standards are adhered to and the airlines know their applications will work smoothly and securely in Beijing.

“In the new contract period, let us continue to expect the excellent service SITA delivers 24/7 that makes them the ideal partner for our airport.”

SITA says passengers are eager to use more self-service and SITA’s technology supports, this trend, and airports and airlines can use kiosks, self-boarding gates and self-bag drop to help manage peaks of passenger traffic.

At Beijing, SITA is working with the airport to investigate how both kiosks and self-bag drop can support the management of its passengers as the airport continues to grow between 3% and 5%.

Francesco Violante, CEO, SITA, says: “The choice by Beijing Capital International Airport to continue to use SITA’s common-use platform is a testament of our strong working relationship.”

SITA AirportConnect Open helps the airport to operate and manage its resources efficiently to provide high quality service to more than 80 airlines.

The common-use passenger processing technology complies with all the international standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and allows any airline to use any agent desk, gate position or self-service kiosk for passenger check-in and bag drop, and reconciles passengers boarded.

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