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NEWS Last modified on December 5, 2014

Sydney lost property auction raises thousands

Sydney Airport’s first online lost property auction has raised A$154,000 (€104,000) which will be distributed to a range of charities and organisations in 2015.

More than 2,000 items went under the hammer in this year’s auction, from late model cameras, smartphones and tablets to more unusual items such as microwave ovens, ukuleles and artwork.

The auction was divided into six categories, running from November 4-14, and a viewing day, where members of the public were able to inspect the items for sale, attracted 500 people.

All the items were unreserved, with proceeds pledged to Sydney’s community programme.


Sydney Airport, chief executive officer, Kerrie Mather, says: “There was a lot of interest in our first online lost property auction this year and we’re delighted to have raised $154,000, which will be donated to a range of charitable initiatives throughout the year in areas covering health, education, environment and families in need.

“We would like to thank the public for supporting the auction, with our auction house reporting that website traffic was 20 times higher than normal during the auction period.

“This year, we supported a range of charities and community groups in both our local area as well as nationally and we’re looking forward to announcing more next year.

“Our key focus areas are health, education, families in need and the environment and we contribute a substantial amount of funding and in-kind support to many charities and organisations across these areas each year.”


Items left at the airport are logged into a system and stored at the airport for two months to give owners the opportunity to claim their goods or where items are clearly labelled, Sydney Airport endeavours to reunite them with their owners.

For items that remain unclaimed, Sydney Airport holds a lost property auction every 12 months with all proceeds going to charity.

An online auction to sell items not collected in this year’s sale will be held early next year, with the proceeds also earmarked for charity.

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