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NEWS Last modified on December 9, 2014

Malta breaks November traffic record

Malta International Airport handled more than a quarter of a million passengers last month, an all-time record for November.

In total, the airport welcomed 256,305 travellers, marking a 2.9% increase compared to the same month last year, which occurred despite aircraft movements decreasing by 1.8%.

The rise in passenger numbers was largely due to a record seat load factor of 80%, up from 76.4% last November, and all the airport’s main markets registered rose in aircraft movements when compared to the same period last year.

Markus Klaushofer, CEO at Malta International Airport, explains: ”This proves that the country’s strategy to drive traffic during the off-peak season is reaping the desired results.

“It is very satisfying to report record numbers almost every month. However, it is the traffic registered in the winter months that really shows the progress we are making as a country in our mission to boost tourism during the shoulder months.

“These results are also thanks to the coordinated effort by the Ministry for Tourism, the Malta Tourism Authority and all our partner airlines.”

The UK remains Malta’s top market, seeing an increase of 3.8% in passengers passing through the gateway, while Italy and Germany increased traffic by 2.5% and 2.8% respectively, and Turkey climbed into the five major markets to register a 75.3% increase.

Between January and November this year, Malta saw an increase of 6.5% when compared to last year’s figures, hosting a total of 4,063,836 passengers, and the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) decreased by 3.3% and cargo and mail dropped by 8.8%.

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