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NEWS Last modified on December 10, 2014

Growth at Copenhagen in line with expectations

Traffic at Copenhagen Airport rose by 2.4% in November, which was in line with expectations, while the year-to-date increase in passenger numbers was 6.7%.

A total of 1,844,627 people travelled through Copenhagen in November, representing a 2.4% year-on-year increase.

This was consistent with the airport’s expectations of growth slowing slightly with the transition to the winter programme.

Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S, explains: “The number of seats in this year's winter programme is largely identical to last year, so we have known for some time that the growth rates would slow down a bit in the last two months of the year.

“Nevertheless, the indications are that 2014 overall will be a good year for Copenhagen Airport with an all-time passenger record of more than 25 million passengers.”

International traffic grew by 3.3%, the number of transfer passengers grew by 1.5% and the number of passengers on intercontinental routes grew by 7.3%. Due to a decline in the number of seats available on several domestic destinations, domestic traffic decreased by 5.9%.

The total number of passengers at Copenhagen Airport year-to-date is 23.9 million, which is an increase of more than 1.5 million passengers, or 6.7%, compared with the same time last year.

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