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NEWS Last modified on December 10, 2014

Russia's busiest airport open to new advertising ideas

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is seeking any new advertising ideas and held a press breakfast event for representatives in the market.

The largest airport in Russia says it has a unique advertising platform “having powerful capabilities in terms of non-standard solutions and ideas for placement of information on different media”.

Moscow Domodedovo explains it uses new technologies and uses advanced technical solutions, studying, among other things, experience of its foreign peers, and collaborating with leading manufacturers in the aviation industry.

This approach is also used with respect to non-aviation activities, it says, so, passengers and visitors have already benefited from its innovative approach to improvement of the landside, where benches playing the role of off-beat advertising media were placed.

Their universal fold design allows to use them as creative platforms for placing different information.

Moscow Domodedovo is the busiest gateway in Russia handling more than 30 million passengers in 2013, and has the highest number of airline partners and flys to the most destinations.


Advertisements work non-stop 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and the airport says 50% of passengers spend more than two hours at the terminal, paying attention to the information inside and in adjacent areas.

Moscow Domodedovo includes more than 350 structures which are located indoor, outdoor, and at the Domodedovo Art Gallery.

The gateway says advertising at any airport has a so-called “edge effect” and stays with travellers creating the very first or last impression of a city or a country.

Moscow Domodedovo a press release adds: “It is actively using it at work, offering a variety of forms and ways of advertising: starting from branding children's rooms and special special equipment which can only be found at airports, to participating in large projects.

“The air hub is open to creative proposals that will make the airport more appealing at the same time.

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