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NEWS Last modified on December 11, 2014

APAC CEO Chris Woodruff gives notice of his resignation

Australia Pacific Airports Corporation (APAC) CEO Chris Woodruff today announced he has given notice of his resignation.

APAC is the owner and operator of Melbourne Airport along with Launceston Airport, and Woodruff’s resignation will take effect no later than June 30 2015. The search for his replacement has begun.

Woodruff explains it has been a “privilege” leading this company through a period of “incredible growth and investment”.

“In the next 12 months, we will see the completion of our new domestic terminal campus and supporting road infrastructure. This will be a significant milestone in our transformation journey.

“In the coming years, APAC will plan and deliver on its customer experience vision, a large expansion of the international terminal, a new forecourt and of course continue planning for a new runway.

“It is an appropriate time to hand over to a new CEO to lead the company through this next exciting phase.”

APAC chairman David Crawford thanked Woodruff for his leadership over the last seven and a half years: "During Chris’ tenure APAC has delivered growth rates well above the industry average contributing to strong economic returns for shareholders and the Victorian and national economies.

“The board respects Chris’ decision to hand over to a new CEO to drive this next exciting phase of growth and appreciates his commitment to oversee the transition to new leadership."

Woodruff adds he was proud of APAC’s achievements over the last seven and a half years during his tenure, including record passenger growth, financial results and strong reputation.

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