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NEWS Last modified on December 15, 2014

London City Airport releases Christmas campaign film

London City Airport has been inviting passengers to send Christmas messages across the miles to friends and family overseas in its Across the Miles at Christmas campaign.

Passengers can visit a log cabin in the departure lounge at the Docklands airport until 19 December, where they can appear on film, recording their message for free.

Some lucky visitors have been surprised with gifts, including free flights to help reunite them with the person they left the message for, and messages are uploaded to a microsite and YouTube and the sender receives a unique code to access and share their message. 

Declan Collier, CEO at London City Airport said:  “Not everyone can be with their family or friends this Christmas. People often send ‘Across the Miles’ cards but we wanted to give passengers the chance to create live messages and have a bit of fun at the same time, creating a really festive atmosphere in the terminal.”

Watch the film here -http://youtu.be/9_4zYYWE8q8

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