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NEWS Last modified on December 15, 2014

1.5% drop in passenger volume in November at Vienna Airport

The number of passengers handled by Vienna Airport was down by 1.5% in November 2014 compared to November 2013, declining to a total of 1,622,568 passengers, operator Flughafen Wien AG has reported.

This drop is mainly due to the passenger decline to Eastern European destinations as a consequence of the Ukraine crisis, however, total passenger volume in the period January to November 2014 was up 2.4% and thus within the projected range for the entire year.

Vienna Airport reported a 8.3% decrease in the number of transfer passengers in November 2014 from the comparable level in November 2013, and the number of local passengers climbed 0.9% in a year-on-year comparison.

Total air cargo increased by 13.1% in November 2014, whereas the number of flight movements fell by 1.7% and the maximum take-off weight rose by 1.3%.  

The number of passengers flying to Western Europe increased by 0.3% in November 2014, in contrast to the 11.2% drop in passenger traffic to Eastern Europe.

The Middle East region showed a decline of 3.1% in November 2014, whereas passenger volume to destinations in the Far East climbed by 3.5%, and the number of passengers flying to North America also increased, rising by 17% compared to November 2013.

The strategic investments of Flughafen Wien AG also developed well with Malta Airport reporting a cumulative passenger growth of 6.5% in the period January-November 2014 to 4,063,455  passengers.

The number of passengers handled by Kosice Airport also rose by 52.3% in the same period to 339,346 passengers.

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