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NEWS Last modified on December 15, 2014

EU ground handling services plans could be scrapped

The new European Commission may shelve plans to open up airport ground handling services at gateways to more competition after criticism from airports, reports claim.

Airports say such a move could hit the quality of services runs, and the reform would give airlines more choice of service providers and increase the minimum number of providers at large airports.

Reports also claim the Commission explains in a draft document that it was unlikely to get wide agreement on the reform.

Currently, European airports with more than 15 million passengers a year should allow at least two core ground handling providers, and the Commission had wanted to increase that number to three.

There are fears that increasing the number of ground handling providers at gateways could make operations more complicated, and more ground handlers would mean more space needed for equipment while making it more difficult to coordinate services in events where such as in extreme weather.

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