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NEWS Last modified on December 16, 2014

ACI Asia-Pacific reports 7.3% passenger traffic rise

ACI Asia-Pacific has reported the region recorded a 7.3% increase in passenger traffic in October.

Asia-Pacific itself saw a “moderate” growth rate of 7.3% year-on-year, while airports in the Middle East reported a 7.6% rise for the same period, and the majority of the gateway’s reported positive growth for the month.

In particular, high growth in domestic passenger traffic continued to be a significant contributor to the five airports that recorded highest growth were Bangkok Don Muang (+51.7%), Cochin (+30.7%), Goa (+30.2%), Chiang Mai (+28.4%) and Ahmedabad (+26.4%).

In terms of freight traffic for the month, Asia-Pacific maintained a steady growth rate of 4.8% from last year, slightly lower than the 12-month growth trend of 5.7%.

The Middle East continued to record high growth of 13.7% with Dubai World Central leading at +331.2%, followed by Abu Dhabi +16.0%.

Among Asia-Pacific airports, Nagoya reported the highest growth of +26.8% from last year.


From January to October 2014, passenger traffic in Asia-Pacific posted a year-on-year growth of 4.9% while the Middle East reported a strong increase of 8.8%.

Year-to-date growth in freight volume was up 5.8% for the Asia-Pacific and up 12.4% for the Middle East.

The top five airports which reported the highest traffic volume for the year-to-date were:

Passenger traffic: Beijing (+1.5%), Tokyo Haneda (+6.2%), Dubai (+6.1%), Hong Kong (+5.8%), and Jakarta (-5%).

Freight traffic: Hong Kong (+6.5%), Shanghai Pudong (+8.8%), Seoul Incheon (+3.4%), Dubai (-2.2%), and Tokyo Narita (+7.5%).

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