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NEWS Last modified on December 16, 2014

Denver opens luxury pet boarding facility

Denver International Airport has opened a luxury pet boarding facility called Paradise 4 Paws.

The resort and boarding facility for dogs and cats, is located at the WorldPort facility just east of the Pikes Peak shuttle lot along 75th Avenue. 

Paradise 4 Paws is the first on-airport pet boarding facility at Denver, featuring more than 25,000 square feet of space dedicated to 24-hour service that includes day and overnight pet stays.

The resort includes large dog suites that overlook expansive indoor play areas that feature indoor grass, soft rubber flooring and a bone-shaped splashing pool.

Airport CEO, Kim Day, explains: “We know that many of our passengers are animal lovers, and Paradise 4 Paws now offers convenient access to a world-class pet boarding resort whenever they travel.

“This facility is another example of the airport’s ongoing commitment to providing services and amenities that enhance the overall travel experience.”

Select dog suites have flat screen TVs with canine-friendly programming, and 24-hour web cams.


Small dog breeds less than 25 pounds have their own wing of the resort, and cats have their own gated community of bungalows with amenities that include an adventure jungle where felines can climb and explore custom-made cat trees and a large aquarium.

The facility has on-site veterinary assistants, as well as additional services that include dog obedience training, cat and dog grooming, pet massage therapy and pet transportation.

Pet owners using Paradise 4 Paws are able to leave their vehicle at the facility as well, for a flat rate of $12 per day, which includes transportation to and from Jeppesen Terminal.


Denver has also unveiled “Open Windows,” an experimental digital customer experience on the B Concourse.

Denver-based Signal-to-Noise Media Labs group have created an interactive digital experience that combines elements of art, entertainment and technology to create a brand new experience for passengers.

Open Windows, located near gate B51, combines 128 custom fabricated LED rings of light and a 3D motion-detection camera to create an 11-foot-tall interactive tower of lights that react to a person’s movement.

The installation can be programmed with games and other experiences to change passenger interactions over time so that no two visits are the same.

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