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NEWS Last modified on December 17, 2014

Giant screen installed at Rome Fiumicino

Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) has installed a new "flight info" giant screen, which is located in the departures hall lobby of Terminal 1 at Rome Fiumicino Airport.

The screen with LED-technology, for energy conservation, has been set up at the top centre of the check-in hall to improve information to passengers regarding flight schedules and check-in desks, and will also be used to provide travellers with service announcements.

A Ledwall that combines energy efficiency, strength, durability and light weight, 10.5 metres long by six metres tall, for a total of 62 square metres, which now displays the list of flights departing from Terminal 1.

Large dimensions, architectural and aesthetic harmonization, these are only some of the features of the giant screen.

The screen is able to provide passengers with high levels of contrast and brightness, to optimise the visibility of the graphic characters from every perspective and distance regarding information as important as that relating to flights.

Following the most advanced technological and energy standards, the light intensity of the giant screen varies depending on the ambient lighting, a crucial feature in a large environment such as the terminal, reaching up to 5,000 lumens per square metre, compared to 500 lumens of a regular LED TV.

The airport says a new T1 screen will be followed by two panels that will soon be placed in Terminal 3, under the Airport Development Plan that saw ADR engaged over the last two years in raising the quality of airport services and infrastructure, staying at the forefront in Europe.

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