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NEWS Last modified on December 17, 2014

Kerkloh to remain at the Munich helm until 2018

FMG, the operator of Munich Airport has announced that president and CEO Dr. Michael Kerkloh, will remain in office for an additional two years.

The company's supervisory board extended the contract of the veteran airport executive at its most recent meeting.

As a result, Kerkloh, 61, who hails from Germany's Westphalia region, will remain in charge of FMG through to the end of 2018, continuing a highly successful run that began in 2002.

During that time, Munich Airport has taken its place alongside Europe's top air transportation hubs, per year.

Since the beginning of 2013 Kerkloh has also served as chairman of the German Airports Association (ADV), and is thus a leading voice in the aviation industry both in Germany and at the international level.

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