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NEWS Last modified on December 29, 2014

Copenhagen breaks 25 million traffic barrier for first time

Copenhagen Airport has surpassed the 25 million passenger traffic mark for the first time in its near 90-year history.

Since Copenhagen opened on the island of Amager in 1925 as one of the first civilian airports in the world, the number of travellers it served grew rapidly year-by-year and, according to forecasts from the airport's research department, passenger number 25 million arrived at Copenhagen on Thursday, December 18, at around 10am.

Marie-Louise Lotz, Copenhagen Airport's head of passenger service, explains: “The past 90 years have been a wild ride for Copenhagen Airport: a journey from our beginnings as a local airfield with grass runways to our existence today as one of northern Europe's key international transport hubs.

“And, not least, a lot of exciting passengers have been guests at our airport – ranging from prominent politicians and huge stars from cultural life to busy businesspeople and happy families on holiday.

"Every year, thousands of new passengers arrive at the airport, and we always do our utmost to give them a good experience when they start, continue or finish their journey.

“We consider a visit to Copenhagen Airport to be part of the journey, a place where travellers have the opportunity to take a break, enjoy a good meal at one of our many restaurants or cafés, or can spend time shopping in a nice and exciting atmosphere.”

Passenger number 25 million this year was also passenger number 695,331,149 in the airport's near 90-year history.

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