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NEWS Last modified on January 2, 2015

Incheon achieves record profits

Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) has reported it achieved record profits of KRW600 billion (€443 million) for 2014.

The figure is a 27% surge on the company’s 2013 profit, and local media reports, says it has been fuelled by free-spending Chinese tourists, duty free sales rising, and more foreign travellers visiting Korea.

Last month, Incheon Airport’s 2014 duty free sales passed $1.9 billion, and it is also set to become the first gateway in the world to surpass more than $2 billion in duty free sales in a full year.

The number of passengers passing through the airport in 2014 is also likely to be confirmed as an annual record, at around 45.5 million, says IIAC, with the figure forecasted to rise to about 48 million in 2015.

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