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NEWS Last modified on January 5, 2015

Melbourne Airport set to get VIP terminal

Melbourne Airport is soon set to get its own 24-hour VIP terminal worth A$30 million (€20 million) according to reports.

The world's rich and famous will soon be able to fly into on their plush private jets when travelling Down Under, after businessman Paul Little revealed plans for the facility after paying out around $10 million (€7 million) for a precinct at the airbase.

Over the next 18-24 months the hub will be upgraded and transformed into a luxurious terminal targeting super-rich Asian businesspeople and global superstars.

The VIP terminal is will have customs clearance, check in, and guest lounges, boardroom facilities, and things like bathrooms for people to have showers in, Little is quoted as explaining in reports.

Little's company has been given the go-ahead for its plans and construction on the facility will start within six months, taking around 18 months to build, and it will also boast pilot accommodation as well as hangarage and refuelling services for the private jets.

The terminal will not have a curfew like nearby Essendon Airport and Sydney Airport, something which Little believes will give his super-rich services an advantage.

Currently, Essendon in Melbourne captures around 80% of the private jet market in Australia.






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