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NEWS Last modified on January 6, 2015

Amsterdam Schiphol breaks traffic record in 2014

Amsterdam Schiphol handled a record 55 million passengers in 2014, a rise of 4.6% compared to 2013.

Schiphol Group's regional airports also posted solid growth, and in 2014 Eindhoven Airport served 3.9 million passengers, up 16% on 2013, while Rotterdam The Hague Airport welcomed 1.7 million travellers, up 6.1% year-on-year.

At 297, in 2014 the number of passenger destinations remained on par with the 2013 figure, while the total number of routes recorded in 2014, including cargo destinations, was 317, but a slight decrease over 2013.

Schiphol Group CEO, Jos Nijhuis, explains: "These figures show that Schiphol Group has achieved growth in all of its operations.

“This is no reason for complacency, however. In collaboration with our home carrier KLM, other airlines and business partners we will continue to work hard to strengthen the role of Schiphol as a Mainport with a view to remaining ‘Europe's Preferred Airport’.

"Our regional airports equally play a key role here."

In its latest phase of investment, Schiphol will complete the centralisation of security this year, along with infrastructure developments in Departure Lounges 1 and 2.

Nijhuis says these investments aim to enhance passenger comfort and to increase the efficiency of the boarding and further airport processes for both the passengers and airlines.

He adds in his New Year’s speech there is still a great deal more the group can undertake to strengthen the role of Schiphol as a Mainport.

"All of us believe that the accessibility of Schiphol can be improved. The north-south metro line has to be extended to reach Schiphol, as an additional express public transport connection to Amsterdam is crucial for Mainport Schiphol.

“Of course, the final decision rests with the politicians, but our attitude is clear: we simply need to get this done.” Nijhuis adds, and he concludes that he expects both cargo and passenger volumes to show “modest growth” in 2015.

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