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NEWS Last modified on January 6, 2015

Liverpool John Lennon to be documented on TV

Filming will start over the next few weeks at Liverpool John Lennon Airport soon for a new UK Channel 5 documentary series set to be called Holiday Airport, according to local reports.

The prime-time show will focus on passengers’ experiences at the start and end of their trips abroad, the Liverpool Echo newspaper has reported.

It will also feature some of the characters working at the gateway as they go about their daily tasks, as well as looking behind-the-scenes at how the airport operates.

The programme, being created by Bristol-based production company Plimsoll Productions, and passengers interested in being involved in the series are now being sought ahead of shooting, with contact details for casting posted on the airport’s website.

Filming will take place over the next few months with the show likely to be broadcast sometime this summer on Channel 5.

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