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NEWS Last modified on January 6, 2015

Changes to parking begin tomorrow at Aberdeen

Changes to parking and use of the forecourt at Aberdeen International Airport will take effect at the Scottish gateway tomorrow.

From tomorrow, a charged forecourt area will be implemented, in an attempt to tackle local congestion and safety concerns.

The forecourt, which is currently marked as drop-off only, is to be managed by an ANPR (number plate recognition) system and exit barriers to control how long customers spend on the forecourt.

There will be a £1 charge for those staying up to 10 minutes, and drivers wishing to use parking facilities for more than 10 minutes are advised to use the short stay car park, with parking tariffs being changed to reflect this new product.

As part of this review, a free option is available within the long stay car park with a free rapid shuttle service taking customers directly to the main terminal entrance.

A free 30-minute period is being offered for those with a valid blue badge to use the clearly marked spaces within the short stay car park, the closest spaces to the terminal.

Airport MD, Carol Benzie, explains: “We have seen the current forecourt reaching its capacity in recent months and have long had serious concerns about the safety of our customers and staff.

“Whilst a majority of people do use the airport roads responsibly, we have to play our part in improving the whole environment for everyone, and we were keen to introduce this measure before someone got hurt.

“Meanwhile 10% of any income from the new process will be put directly back into CSR projects for the benefit of the wider community.”

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