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NEWS Last modified on January 6, 2015

Heathrow T5 welcomes restaurant inspired by 1950s travel

Heathrow’s T5 has welcomed a new F&B concessions Pilots Bar & Kitchen that was inspired by the golden era of 1950s travel, which has been brought by restaurant operator “rhubarb”.

Aiming to be a destination in its own right, the airside restaurant will offer passengers passing through the terminal an accessible, international menu in classic, contemporary surroundings.

There will be 145 covers in total, with a range of dining options to suit all time considerations, from early-morning breakfasts through to late-night dinners.

Created by Stephen Templeton, “rhubarb”culinary director, the all-day menu has been designed to appeal to all, and dishes served speedily are made from the finest, locally-sourced ingredients and aim to offer true quality and value for money.

Breakfast options include American pancakes, breakfast ‘pizza’ and a traditional cooked English breakfast in addition to freshly-made pastries and muffins, while all-day dining dishes come as soups, sandwiches, salads and mains: a classic club sandwich, tuna niçoise and pizza are signatures.


Designed by 01 Creative, the interiors are sleek with a vintage palette interspersed by aeronautical design features: from an oversized aircraft engine air intake on the ceiling and glass hangar-style doors through to executive club armchairs upholstered in baseball glove leather and antique searchlight fittings.

Chrome, stainless steel and period graphics add to the nostalgic feel, and seating options, meanwhile, include stools at the bar, poseur tables, lounge seating and traditional banquettes.

Helen Bowey, retail director at “rhubarb” says: "We wanted to create a chic and visually entertaining environment that complemented an inspiring food offer with plenty of points of interest that referenced the golden, post-war aviation era when international air travel was portrayed as stylish and glamorous.

“Reinforcing the qualities of the terminal, Pilots Bar & Kitchen represents affordable luxury with the customer experience at its core, reminding passengers that its not just about the destination but the journey.”

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