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NEWS Last modified on January 6, 2015

Queen Alia prepares for snowstorm Huda

Airport International Group (AIG) which operates Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) - has activated its emergency plan in preparation for the snowstorm, dubbed Huda.

According to weather forecasts, the company says snow will not be falling in the areas surrounding QAIA before the morning of Thursday January 8, 2015.

AIG urges QAIA passengers and visitors to take caution while driving to the airport during the snowstorm, and to heed the public warnings made by the Civil Defense Directorate as weather conditions develop.

Passengers are also advised to arrive at QAIA at least three hours prior to their flights to avoid delays that may result from heavy traffic, and AIG stresses the importance of checking for flight schedule updates by contacting respective airlines or by calling the QAIA Call Center.

Travellers contacting the QAIA Call Center at the mentioned number are being requested to be patient and cooperative in light of the expected phone line congestion.

AIG says it would also like to reaffirm that all QAIA personnel will be on standby at all times to respond to phone calls and to deliver requested services in a timely manner.

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