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NEWS Last modified on January 8, 2015

Traffic surge in 2014 at Swedavia operated airports

The number of passengers travelling to and from Swedavia's ten airports increased by 7% in 2014 compared to 2013.

The total departing and arriving was just over 35.6 million travellers to one of the operator’s Swedish gateways, which is a rise of more than 2.2 million passengers, or 7% compared to last year.

In December alone, more than 2.6 million travelled to, or from one of Swedavia airports, and the number of travellers is 6% more than in December last year, and represented an increase of 150,000.

The number of international passengers was close to 1.7 million, which was a rise of 8% compared with the same month last year.

Torborg Chetkovich, CEO of Swedavia, says: “It is pleasing and a strong proof of our airports importance of accessibility to, from and within Sweden. New direct routes also give the business sector increased opportunities to compete internationally.”

The number of landings in scheduled and charter services during the year also increased by 3% to over 205,000 compared to 2013.

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