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NEWS Last modified on January 8, 2015

TAV signs leases for Istanbul Ataturk and Izmir Adnan Menderes

TAV Airports has paid €117.9 million +VAT for the concession to operate Istanbul Ataturk Airport and a further €24.3 million +VAT to run Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to the State Airports Authority (DHMI).

At the ceremony held to commemorate the event, president & CEO Sani Şener presented two symbolic checks for the lease payments of the two airports to Turkey’s transportation, maritime affairs and communications minister Lütfi Elvan.

Sani Şener, comments: "We launched Ataturk Airport for service 15 years ago on January 9 in 2000. We have undertaken operations firstly by build-operate-transfer and then by leasing.

“We are issuing the first leasing amount of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport today. We are glad to keep our promise and fulfill our commitment as always.


“We have set off on our journey from Ataturk Airport and today 14 airports are being operated by TAV.

“TAV Construction is currently constructing six airports. Service companies of TAV Group are operating at 33 airports. In other words TAV is operational at 53 airports around the globe. That is where a Turkish company stands.”

Last year, TAV signed an agreement with DHMI for an additional investment of €75 million for renovation and expansion of the international terminal at Ataturk Airport, which is planned for completion in the first half of 2016.

The airport welcomed 57 million passengers in 2014, an increase of 11% compared to the previous year.

Meanwhile, TAV has run Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport international terminal since 2006, and won the domestic terminal tender in 2012, at the gateway that welcomed 10.9 million passengers in 2014, which was an increase of 7% compared to the previous year.


Minister Elvan, states: "Let's consider TAV example solely. TAV is a global leading company in the business of airport construction and operations.

“People say "Turks built the airport, Turks operate this airport" during our negotiations held in many countries. We are all proud of that. Public and private sector collaboration is of high importance for us and we will continue achieving projects by these collaborations.

“The passenger number showed 13.2% rise in December 2014, when compared to December 2013. The total passenger number was around 150 million, which increased to 166 million in December 2014.

“Turkish Aviation industry is attaining growth in every aspect despite the recession in the world and Europe."

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