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NEWS Last modified on January 9, 2015

Bromma Stockholm traffic up - but Malmö down

Bromma Stockholm Airport is the latest gateway to report a new passenger record in 2014 with close to 2.4 million travellers departing and arriving from the airport.

This is an increase of 4% compared with 2013, and included domestic passengers rising by 5% to about 2.13 million while the number of international passengers fell 2% to about 250,000.

The number of scheduled landings rose 2% to about 23,000 in 2014 compared with the previous year, and the three destinations that increased the most were Ostersund, Halmstad and Trollhattan.

In 2014, a new domestic route between Gothenburg and Bromma and a new foreign service between Tallinn and Bromma started, while in late January 2015, another new route is to be inaugurated, between Vilnius and Bromma.

Ulrika Fager, communications Bromma Stockholm, says: “In 2014, we achieved a new passenger record at the airport and celebrates all time high. Never before have so many travellers have chosen to fly to or from Bromma.

“This response gives us confirmation that we meet our traveller diverse needs of efficient and convenient travel today and we are now looking at how we can develop this further together with our partners at the airport.

“While travellers become more at the airport also has customer satisfaction increased significantly among our passengers, to 75% in the latest poll, which is very pleasing.

“We see it as proof that we are on the right track with the investments and improvements we are making in several areas at the airport for our travellers, both daily commuters weekend travellers, as we develop Bromma to an even smarter city airport for the whole of Sweden.”

Meanwhile, over at Malmö Airport, just over 2.08 million passengers were handled in 2014, which was a drop of 2% on 2013, and meaning 40,000 fewer travellers used the airport.

In December, 143,000 passengers flew from the gateway, an increase of 4% compared with the same month of 2013 with domestic traffic up by 5% and international traffic increasing by 3%,

Peter Weinhandl, airport manager at Malmö Airport, comments: “When summarizing 2014, we see that Wizz Air has increased the number of destinations from Malmo in Europe.

“Ryanair's traffic has ceased during the year, which had the consequence that international traffic declined slightly compared to 2013.”

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