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NEWS Last modified on January 9, 2015

Canada to improve flow of travellers through its airports

The Canadian Airports Council (CAC) and National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) has welcomed the Government of Canada’s initiatives to improve the smooth flow of travellers through Canadian airports.

Transport minister Lisa Raitt made the announcement last month of expanded harmonized Trusted Traveller lanes and Nexus kiosks at Toronto Pearson International Airport, one of four trans-border airports where the expansion will take place.

Canada’s airports, air carriers and other stakeholders in the aviation sector view the efficient facilitation of air travellers as one of the top areas for recommendations in the Canada Transportation Act (CTA) review currently being conducted by David Emerson and his panel.

The Government of Canada is conducting a broad review of the CTA to ensure it meets Canada’s current and future transportation needs, which provides an opportunity to consider how the national transportation system can be leveraged to support Canada’s economic growth.

Daniel-Robert Gooch, president of CAC, says: “The safe, secure, efficient flow of travellers is a top priority for Canada’s airports. We welcome the minister’s announcement today and look forward to continued positive developments in passenger processes, facilitation and other key areas where Canada’s airports and airlines are working with government on an ongoing basis.”

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