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NEWS Last modified on January 9, 2015

Traffic flying high at Luxembourg Airport

Around 2.5 million passengers passed through Luxembourg Airport last year, marking a new milestone for the hub, and beating the last record set in 2013 by 12.3%.

This follows a growth trend at the gateway over the last five years, during which time passenger numbers jumped a significant 60%.

The surge can be attributed to a handful of airlines, which have expanded their networks, and these include Luxair, which opened three new destinations (to Dublin, Stockholm and Lisbon) and increased frequency to other destinations.

Low-cost airline easyJet equally had a part to play, launching new flights to Lisbon at the end of the 2013 and to London and Milan, and Turkish Airlines, which began flying to Luxembourg in 2013, tripled its traffic thanks to increased flight frequency to Istanbul.

To continue this growth, Luxembourg Airport would have to see 8% growth during 2015 in order to attract 2.7 million passengers through its doors.

Among factors, which may help it achieve this goal are Luxair's decision to use larger aircraft to fly passengers to Rome, Nice, Madrid, Munich and Barcelona and to offer more frequent flights to London, Hamburg, Stockholm and Dublin.

It will also extend the season during which it offers flights to Venice and Bari and fly non-stop to Berlin, while easyJet will add a new route to Porto from June 4, complementing those offered by Luxair and TAP Portugal.

Turkish Airlines, meanwhile, will increase capacity on aircraft by using Boeing 737-800s, which can seat up to 151 people, and a new airline, Sun Express, is flying to Luxembourg from April 3, travelling to Antalya in Turkey, a route currently served by Luxair Tours.

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