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NEWS Last modified on January 12, 2015

Helsinki's luggage lobby redesigned with Finnish nature theme

Helsinki Airport's luggage lobby has been turned into a representation of Finnish nature giving arriving passengers the chance to admire Finnish art while waiting for their baggage.

Finnish nature and technological expertise meet in the luggage lobby redesigned by acclaimed interior decoration architect and sculptor Stefan Lindfors.

The redesign has been carried out respecting the old design, and the hall has been given a modern look whilst preserving its original features with the main theme Finnish nature.

The ceiling of the lobby has been covered with fabric representing wings and designed exclusively for Finavia by Lindfors, while live footage of nature is projected on one of the walls.

Glass showcases placed in between the luggage claim belts present Finnish plants and forest wildlife acquired with the EU's permission, and the walls of the lobby are decorated with a circuit board pattern, hand-drawn by Lindfors, and pays homage to Finnish IT expertise.

Ville Haapasaari, director of Finavia's Helsinki Airport, explains: “Helsinki Airport is Finland's business card and for many passengers the first contact with Finland.

“That is why it is important that we stand out from other airports in a surprising way. A memorable arrival lobby will leave a positive impression on a passenger and that might make the passenger travel via Helsinki Airport also the next time.”


Finavia and Lindfors have worked together for years, and Lindfors' Concorde sculpture that resembles a dragonfly was unveiled in 1993 and is still on display at Helsinki Airport, which is also known as the art airport.

In autumn 2013, Lindfors designed an over 20-metre tall sculpture called Aviator Solaris for Vaasa Airport.

Lindfors explains the new look for Helsinki Airport's luggage lobby Exit 2B represents Finland: “Many airports are very similar in style, whether you are in the Nordic countries, Central Europe or the US.

“I want all my work to really stand out from the others. I want the passengers arriving in the lobby to experience something unique and to feel that they have just arrived in Finland.”


The redesigned baggage hall are part of a development of Helsinki Airport to improve the passenger experience, and part of the current €900 million development programme, preparing the airport to serve about 20 million passengers per year by 2020.

At the same time, approximately 70 new shops and restaurants will be opened at the airport, while in spring 2015, a new restaurant complex with a wide range of restaurants will be opened in the Arrivals 2A lobby.

In addition, services for arriving passengers will be centralised to make them easier to access.

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