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NEWS Last modified on January 13, 2015

Changi Airports to continue to operate King Fahd

Following a successful six-year contract to manage and operate King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has extended the contract with Changi Airports International (CAI) for the maximum period of seven months from November 7.

CAI will continue to see apply its expertise and experience and work alongside GACA to realise the full potential of KFIA and strengthen its positioning as a premier regional gateway in the Kingdom.

During the past six years, a team of resident members from CAI, each specialising in key aspects of airport management, were stationed in Dammam to work hand-in-hand with their Saudi general managers to improve the management of the airport.

The efforts of the resident team were supported by domain experts from Singapore in numerous visits to support development in various areas including human capital, airport commercial and retail management, operations efficiency and service quality management, as well as hub and route development.

The cooperation saw KFIA achieve unprecedented growth in the number of operating airlines, passenger traffic and city links, and KFIA is now served by 36 airlines to 65 cities.

In 2013, passenger traffic exceeded that of other airports within the catchment area for the first time in its history, while space within the terminal for concessions has increased by more than 80%, and non-aeronautical revenue has more than doubled in the last few years.

Other enhancement include the implementation of an instant feedback system, several infrastructure development initiatives to increase the airport capacity, and the addition of many more commercial and retail offerings to revitalise the airport and improve customer experience.

These initiatives will prepare KFIA to handle passenger movements exceeding 21 million passengers per annum once major infrastructure plans are implemented.

During this period, the KFIA and CAI team introduced a new aviation fuel farm structure and management that will benchmark the facility to the Joint Inspection Group (JIG) standards, and KFIA is on track to be the first gateway in the Kingdom to comply with the standards.

Yousef Al-Dhari, director general of KFIA, says: "KFIA appreciates the contribution form our CAI colleagues and is glad to extend the management services agreement until June 2015.

"The close working relationship at the management level has led to many new ideas and initiatives that has been positive to KFIA. Together, we are confident that KFIA will meet its strategic development goals.

"GACA has supported the joint efforts and the travelling public can look forward to additional offerings in the coming year."

Lim Liang Song, CEO of CAI, says: "We would like to thank Dr Faisal Al-Sugair, vice president for GACA. Dr Faisal has shown immense support to CAI and all the achievements today would not have been possible without this close-knit parternship.

"We are proud of the achievements attained by KFAI through the sharing of CAI's expertise. The close working relationship with GACA has enabled KFIA to achieved even more than the targets in its business plan.

"We are confident that KFIA, under the able leadership of DG Yousef Al-Dhari and his senior team, will achieve its strategic goals and establish the pre-eminence of the airport in the region and contribute to Saudi Arabia's aviation industry."

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