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NEWS Last modified on January 13, 2015

Solid year for Latvian gateway Riga

Riga International Airport in 2014 welcomed 4.8 million passengers or 0.4% travellers more than in the previous year.

This year, several new airlines will start operations at the airport while the existing ones will increase the number of their destinations.

The travellers’ most popular destinations in 2014 were London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Oslo, and of the passenger turnover last year, almost 56% were carried by the national carrier airBaltic and 16% by Ryanair.

In comparison with the year 2013, a substantial rise in the number of passengers was achieved by the airlines Wizz Air (+51%), Lufthansa (+18%) and Norwegian Air (+15%).

The transfer/transit passengers comprised 29% of the total number of passengers handled last year and their most frequently chosen destinations via Riga were Tallinn, Vilnius, Helsinki, Moscow and Stockholm.

Andris Liepiņš, chairman of the board of Riga international, explains: “We are the largest air traffic hub in the Baltics – 46% of this region’s passengers are transported via Riga.

“This year, we will continue to work at expanding the number of destinations and attracting new air carriers.”

This year, several new airlines are planning to come to the airport (Turkmenistan Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Swiss International Airlines), and new flights are to be launched.

Wizz Air this spring intends to expand its operations in Riga by basing another aircraft and opening three new destinations.

In 2014, Riga handled almost 66,000 aircraft and 33,000 tonnes of cargo, and 12 new destinations were opened from Riga and operations were commenced by Brussels Airlines.

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