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NEWS Last modified on January 14, 2015

Brisbane recognised for environmental efforts

Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) effort in managing its carbon emissions and operating Brisbane Airport in an environmentally sustainable manner has been recognised with a Level 1 Mapping Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate.

The independently administered global programme certifies airports at four different levels of accreditation (Mapping, Reduction, Optimisation and Neutrality).

To achieve Level 1 Mapping, BAC identified all carbon emission sources under its control, calculating its annual carbon emissions and compiling a carbon footprint report and engaging an independent third-party to verify its carbon footprint report.

Julieanne Alroe, BAC CEO and managing director, says the airport’s sustainability strategy aimed to reach beyond a risk and compliance position.

“At Brisbane Airport we are committed to treading lightly on the land and putting in place programmes that help us manage and minimise long-term impacts of climate change and adverse environmental impacts from aviation and property development activities.

“Achieving Level 1 Mapping Airport Carbon Accreditation is an achievement we’re very proud of and one that encourages us to do even more for sustainability,” Alroe says.

Regional director of ACI Asia-Pacific, Patti Chau, says: “I wish to congratulate Brisbane Airport Corporation for its effort in attaining this recognition by Airport Carbon Accreditation – the institutionally endorsed environmental programme for airports worldwide.

“Since its launch in 2009, 115 airports in the world have been accredited, including 22 in the Asia-Pacific region. BAC’s achievement has once again shown that airports in our region are committed to and have taken actual action to reducing CO2 impact at airports.”

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