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NEWS Last modified on January 14, 2015

Operations at Göteborg City Airport to be wound down

Operations at Göteborg City Airport are to be wound down after in-depth analysis of the runway system indicates extensive measures are needed for the long-term development of the gateway.

Operator Swedavia, says it has decided to acquire the remaining shares in the company that operates it and has adopted an approach to the gradual winding down of commercial flights.

Since late November, heavy passenger traffic at Göteborg City has been redirected to Göteborg Landvetter Airport, which is the result of potential deficiencies identified in the runway system.

In-depth analyses of the runway system have determined extensive measures are needed in order for heavier passenger traffic to return to airport, and investment requirements for the runway system are estimated to be around €26.3 million, Swedavia explains.

In light of the heavy passenger traffic that constitutes the basis of operations at Göteborg City, Swedavia says it has decided to take over the remaining shares in the company that operates the gateway.

At the same time, Swedavia has adopted an approach to the continued development of Göteborg Landvetter in order to ensure the region’s access, so operations at Göteborg City will thus be wound down over the long-term, and Swedavia says it has given notice to all employees at the airport.

landvetterGöteborg Landvetter Airport

Karl Wistrand, deputy CEO at Swedavia, says: “Unfortunately, there is no potential to develop Göteborg City Airport in a way that promotes the opportunity to travel to and from the West Götaland region.

“It is therefore necessary to concentrate resources on Göteborg Landvetter Airport in order to contribute to the region’s continued development in the best way.”

Commercial airlines that have operations at Göteborg City will be offered opportunities to set up operations at Göteborg Landvetter.

In addition, dialogues will be initiated with the remaining operations, including general aviation and aviation of service to society, with the aim of finding long-term solutions, however, these operations will be able to use the infrastructure until further notice.

The gateway handled more than 860,000 commercial passengers in 2013.

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