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NEWS Last modified on January 15, 2015

Bulgarian airports implement border control eGates

A new automated border control solution has been inaugurated by the Bulgarian Government at Fraport AG operated gateways Varna and Burgas.

Passengers holding electronic machine-readable travel documents, citizens of EU, EEA and Switzerland over 18 years may now enjoy a seamless border crossing experience in both airports, and is co-financed by the Bulgarian Government and EU.

Accounting respectively for an estimated traffic of more than one and two million passengers per year, Varna and Burgas airports, the busiest in the country after Sofia.

They are now using Vision-Box’s latest generation of automated border control (ABC) eGates to optimize passenger processing.

The implementation of ABC technology represents a shift from the traditional border control to a new paradigm where biometric technology and self-service offer the perfect match.

Passengers are in control of their own immigration process at the eGate, having their travel documents authenticated and their identity checked by way of face recognition and match against the biometrics templates embedded in the chip of the travel document (soon fingerprint will be available as well).

No need to interact directly with the authorities at the border control point, which clears manual immigration lines.

Jean-François Lennon, director of global business development, sales and marketing at Vision-Box, says: “In modern airports like Varna and Burgas, facing constantly increasing flows at the border, it is imperative to embrace new technologies that concede the traveller more control and better convenience during his journey, while delivering the most efficient and effective tools to the border control authorities to increase their capacity.”

“Vision-Box 5 offers a complete passenger experience package, combining intuitive and user-friendly interfaces with instructional animations and quick proactive adjustments to each traveller, which will make security processes less time-consuming and the Bulgarian airports more welcoming and attractive for travellers. Everyone benefits," he adds.

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