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NEWS Last modified on January 16, 2015

Fortnum & Mason opens bar at Heathrow’s T5

The world’s first airport bar from iconic British department store brand Fortnum & Mason has opened at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

The Bar can be found airside, after security, and is open from 5.30am to the last departing flights, and is positioned opposite the new Fortnum & Mason store, carrying a selection of products from Fortnum’s flagship Piccadilly store.

The Bar aims to be informal yet stylish, and offers a stunning selection of dishes with the emphasis firmly on the fresh produce from Fortnum’s own celebrated food halls.

Whatever time passengers eat, they will enjoy dishes of superb quality, served with Fortnum’s know-how, and pre-flight specialities include light meals, with a wide choice of shellfish, caviar, charcuterie, salads and delicious desserts.

Fortnum’s regulars will be delighted to see that we have not forgotten the iconic Welsh rarebit now re-imagined as a toastie with tomato compote, and oeufs drumkilbo.

Thirsty travellers will find champagnes, fine wines, cocktails, spirits, fresh juice, coffee and – of course - the finest Fortnum’s tea, and a range of cocktails, made with Fortnum’s produce.

These include ‘Rose of Mary’, made with Fortnum & Mason gin, Fortnum & Mason rosemary and apple jelly, cloudy apple juice, and a garnish of rosemary. 

The bar looks set to continue Fortnum & Mason’s long tradition of providing a world of pleasure, where nothing is too much trouble, to those with a taste for travel.

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